Wednesday, April 25, 2012


 taking note of the simple,
 and small things around us,
 helps take our minds off 

the bigger things that fill our heads,

and can sometimes feel too overwhelming.

If you have noticed my absence here lately it's because I am feeling pretty rough, raw and overwhelmed by some rather too big things happening in my life at the moment. I look at my blog as my happy space but I also need to keep it real and honest as well.

This song and this song (particularly the chorus) are very poignant to me at the moment from 2 of my favourite bands REM and Stellar*.

Stay happy and respect the people you love.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring flowers in autumn...

Making flowers - work in progress
I'm in the midst of making fabric flowers today which remind me of spring and summer flowers even though it is in the middle of autumn here. It's cool and very blustery outside so I'm quite happy to be inside and up in my sewing attic happily absorbed with making these simple flowers, making them up as I go and working with some pretty pinks and reds.

Spring flowers - sneak peek
Here is a sneak peek of a nearly finished project I am working on. I sewed these flowers on over the weekend with Caitlin nearby playing with the buttons in my button tin. I remembered being a similar age, enjoying the very same thing, picking out favourites, wondering where some of them came from and their past lives...
Friday inspiration mosaic
1. Spring/Summer Bags, 2. Klammern, 3. Crocheted cushion, 4. PTS 7 Sneak Peek, 5. hand quilting progress, 6. nannas patchwork, 7. Mimo..., 8. scrappy swap, 9. polly pinwheels block!, 10. zipper pouches , 11. granny bag - spring floral , 12. summer quilts-ready for a picnic, 13. Untitled, 14. zippered pouches, 15. little bird blue, 16. Sewing machine

I shall leave you with this mosaic of some pretty things found around Flicker recently...all very happy and pretty don't you think :-)
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