About me

I am all about incorporating colour into everything

I am about being creative everyday

I am about multi-tasking and keeping busy

I am about learning new skills

I am about spontaneity

I am about embracing the unexpected

I am about being real, open and honest

I don't like standing much, I like doing....

I am about encouraging others to be creative and do what they are passionate about 

I am learning to trust again...and sometimes that's hard

I am about being a good role model to my 2 girls and making sure they feel loved

I love to read...A LOT 

I am about keeping fit and healthy

I love early morning bike rides.

I like the beach and walking in the NZ bush

I am all about cups of tea and sitting in the sun with a good book

I am all about good food and dark chocolate :-)

I love to chat and drink a wine or two with good friends :-)

I am all about fabric 

I love to listen to music ALL THE TIME ( Spotify is my friend)

Oh and I am a Christian :-)

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