Monday, November 17, 2014

3 Retro chair makeovers...

 Earlier this year I inherited three of these retro 70's lounge chairs from my Mother who was moving to a smaller home. There were originally six of these chairs which were purchased to go in my parents shoe shop and then once that was sold three of them ended up in my parents home.
 That lovely faded yellow boucle` fabric which was once a  bright "70's" orange had to go and the wooden arm rests were in desperate need of some 'TLC'.
 And here they are, finally finished with 3 different but much more cheerful Scandinavian prints purchased at Andshine on Etsy.  
 The metal chair frames were given a fresh coat of blue/grey spray paint. Much nicer than their original dreary brown don't you think ;-)
 I'm really pleased with how the arm-rests turned out which I sanded back then applied 3 layers of polyurethane to bring out the lovely wood grain.
I like them all but this pretty butterfly print is my favourite and is designed and printed by an old Swedish fabric company called "Klippan", a family run business that was established back in 1879.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

November in my garden.....

 Spring seems to be the most colourful time in my garden. The camellia's and azalea's have nearly finished flowering but my many rhododendrons are just starting. 

 This old fashioned lilac bush has been in my garden for a few years struggling to survive until last year I moved it to a sunnier spot in the front garden. This is the first time it has produced flowers.
For the past few weekends I've been working on my veggie garden...weeding, digging in compost and re-arranging my herb garden from one end to the other and I'm now pretty pleased with how its looking. I have potatoes planted in the right-hand end one, and in the left-hand end one is now my herb garden along with a few strawberry plants. The middle three have tomatoes, spring onions, lettuces, basil, beetroot, red onions, rhubarb and self-seeded pumpkin plants. In each of the pots in between the containers are more strawberry plants. Some of my tomatoes have flowers forming already and we have been eating freshly picked lettuce and herbs. It's feels so satisfying to pick and eat our own vegetables and herbs plus of course they taste so much better than the store bought veggies. 
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