Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Just a small finish......

 Okay so I haven't yet done a post on what I finished last week but this is this weeks finish which I am just a wee bit proud of :-) I started this project way back here about 6 weeks ago.  It didn't take 6 weeks to do, I just did other things in between.  It did take a couple of days to remove all the old coverings, tacks and rusty nails though which was not a pleasant job but well worth the end result.
 I am very blessed to live in a street of generous caring neighbours and one of those neighbours happens to be a qualified upholsterer who generously let me work beside him in his workshop, helping me with each step of the process, using his tools and readily imparting his knowledge, and years of experience with me. Another neighbour also helped me by fixing up one of the back legs that was a bit broken and wobbly. I am looking forward to showing him the end result because he struggled to see its potential as he fixed it for me. 
 I think it took about 6 hours or maybe a little less to recover it including sewing the piping. I used a industrial sewing machine for the first time and felt like a complete novice sewer again as it goes way faster than a domestic.
 I probably chose the most difficult chair to reupholster for a first project but on the upside I learnt a lot of upholstery techniques that you would only learn from someone in the trade. I now know that some of the online tutorials that I have read recently are simply the wrong way of doing things.
 The main floral fabric was an off-cut from a piece of curtaining from my neighbour which I had had for a few months waiting for the perfect project to show it off. I bought the chevron print from Spotlight as a contrast to the large flowers and I really love how they look together with the pop of colour from the turquoise piping and legs. What I really enjoyed as I was applying the fabric was seeing my original vision of how I wanted it to look come into reality.
I'm not usually into giving objects names but I am naming this cute but bold little chair "Amy" after the street we bought our first house on which is where we first acquired this chair, quite a few (unspecified) years ago.Yes she's been very patiently waiting far too long for a much needed makeover. 
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