Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nurturing creativity..

A few weeks back my neighbour and her friend asked whether I would be interested in making some fabric flower brooches to sell at our local Breast Cancer awareness breakfast. I, of course, didn't hesitate and agreed to make as many as I could. This was just what I needed to kick start a flicker of creativity inside me again. 

 I was given quite a bit of various types of fabrics to work with but also used some from my own stash to add different textures. None of the flowers I made actually use that much fabric but just take time to complete. Some of the bigger brooches can take up to 2-3 hours work .

 I should have really started making these brooches as soon as I was asked and I really did have every intention of doing just that. However life somehow keeps getting in the way for me at the moment and before I knew it I had exactly 1 week to make something, anything. Once I started though I kept coming up with new ideas on what I could make. Funny how being creative feeds creativity... 
The idea for these hearts came to me when I had just one day left. I have a couple of old brooches that have a safety chain attached to a pin so if the pin on the brooch itself fails and comes undone the safety chain will save it from coming off completely. I made the 'chains' on these little hearts by threading on beads and knotting every few beads. These hearts are quite tiny (the bigger heart is just 6cm) so were a little fiddly but satisfying to complete.

The breakfast itself which was held yesterday was a sold out success and a fun event to be part of. I ended up selling about 1/2 of my brooches so will put the remaining brooches in my Etsy shop if any of them take your fancy :-)

How do you feed your creativity??

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day for me.....

 Brunch of french toast and streaky bacon cooked by Caitlin.....(with a tiny bit of help from me)
 3 magazines just for me to devour....
 Sharing the pleasure of baking for the week with Caitlin...
Listening to my REM collection of cd's throughout the day...

  • sending off my very excited eldest daughter Amelia on a school trip to Wellington.
  • enjoying the moment of  some 'one on one' time with Caitlin for the next few days, as is she.
  • taking a spontaneous nap in the early afternoon.
I am slowly getting on with life after it was turned upside down a few weeks ago and would  like to thank everybody for you kind and supportive comments on my last blog post. I feel blessed to have gotten to know some lovely friends through my blog and feel each and every one of those virtual hugs that were sent. Thanks for being there :-)
Hope you had a lovely relaxing Mother's day too wherever you may be..
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