Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September in my garden

Yes my garden is in full spring bloom now that September is here. It really is my most favourite time to spend in the garden although I do need to get going now and plan and plant out my veggie garden which I guess I should have started on last month.
So now that spring is here it also means that Christmas is less than 4 months away which I was nicely reminded of when I read this post by Betz White who has just started a "Holiday Stitch-along Ornament Club". You can read all about it here or click on the button below or in my sidebar. It took me mere seconds to decide I was going to join up as I always like to have new ornaments to add to my Christmas tree each year and handmade ornaments are always that much more special, not to mention Betz White is one clever designer.
Betz White Stitch-along Ornament Club

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