Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New additions

I'm a little late in showing off these fabrics but these are what I purchased at the recent Hamilton Quilt and Craft Fair a couple of weeks ago. The 'Heather Bailey' print on the right was only $10NZ a metre so I HAD to have some. The 3 prints in the middle are for my next quilt that I have been pulling out fabrics for, and the ones on the left just spoke to me when I was in Spotlight after the show. They have that 30's look to them and I have no idea what I'm going to do with them. I was actually very restrained as ALL their quilting fabrics were on sale and I only bought 3 ft quarters!

I also wanted to send you to a giveaway on Lila Tueller's blog. She is very generously giving away a jelly roll, a layer cake and a couple of her patterns. All I can say is they are beautiful fabrics and you need to check them out NOW.


Rafael's Mum said...

Thanks Catherine, hopped over to Lila Tueller's and joined the fun... soooo many entries! but good fun.

Love the Heather Bailey freshcut. Going to do a total fresh cut quilt in the new year (read.. when I have time...)but don't have a pattern yet.

Leslie said...

these are such pretty fabrics...the soft colors are very appealing...thanks for saying hey and becoming a follower over to my blog..i am flattered. thanks.

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