Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Three small things are making me smile and feel grateful this week. A good friend quickly dropped by on Friday with an extra bunch of Chrysanthemums to brighten our home. She had been given 3-4 bunches and had thought that we would appreciate one of them. 
Chrysanthemum Collage 
I love having fresh flowers in my home but at this time of the year finding some to pick in the garden is hard. Chrysanthemums are so simple and pretty and last so well in a vase I think they will bring a smile to my face for quite a few days to come.
Kimono button bear 
This little guy was given to my eldest daughter Amelia when she was born, from some Japanese friends of ours who occasionally read this blog. It is made from fabric from a vintage kimono I think and has always been on display in her bedroom as it was too special to play with. I noticed a couple of months ago that a couple of it's buttons that hold it's limbs on were quite loose. I took it up to my Sewing Attic for a quick repair but dropped one of the buttons and couldn't find it. I tried to buy a replacement button but didn't have much luck in getting one remotely like it's lovely original wooden buttons used. Happily the other week whilst moving furniture around from one floor to another I found the missing button! 

Kimono button bear
Now it is all fixed and in pride of place in our newly decorated entrance room downstairs. I take my hat off to all you bear makers out there as it was not easy re-sewing on those buttons. I had a long needle specially for this sort of sewing but it wasn't quite long enough sometimes. 

We are very blessed to in our street to have lovely generous and helpful neighbours. When we came home from a weekend away last Sunday afternoon my neighbour on one side who had kindly looked after our cats and hens came over with a large bowl of  delicious pumpkin soup for our dinner. This is the same neighbour who sewed new covers for my window seat squabs and who also bought over a dinner of home-made fish and chips one night as she knew I had been working hard all day painting and correctly thought I would not feel like cooking dinner.
It is a beautiful sunny but crisp day here today and while I would like to get out in my garden I will go up to my newly organised Sewing Attic and finish off another half started project.


Michelle said...

What a lovely neighbour and friend you have...:O)
Cute bear

Karen said...

They are such pretty flowers. I bet they smell good too. How lucky was that finding the button! How lucky was your daughter that you weren't deterred in sewing the button back on again.
We love pumpkin soup in this house and according to my son "You never make pumpkin soup". Apparently I am only supposed to make pumpkin soup and not any other soups.
Have a great day!

Leslie said...

you have such thoughtful neighbors. i love the flowers and the soup sounds so yummmy!

Lis said...

What lovely positive things, a smiley post.

Katy Cameron said...

What lovely friends and neighbours :o) This bearmaker has some eye-wateringly long needles for bear assembly (although I use nut and bolt joints usually)

Second Chance Tan said...

Thanks for the reminder to look for the joy in the small things x

XUE said...

Thank God for caring neighbours!

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