Saturday, April 27, 2013

Some finishes

So the last 2 weeks seemed to have flown by and I don't seem to have much to show for it. My father is out of hospital and seems to be recuperating well. He can't drive yet so I have their car and am going over once a week to take them shopping which isn't such a big deal as I do my shopping at the same time and their supermarket is way better than our local one. 

I have managed to get some sewing in now and then. The above bag is for a friends daughter to use as a peg bag. Her previous peg bag was well and truly worn out so I hope she gets as much use out of this new one. The strap is long enough to sling across your body making it hands free plus as requested I have put one pocket on the front to hold her cellphone. Her washing line is up a hill and must be some distance from her house hence the need for a cellphone. I decided to quilt it with a layer of thin batting in between the layers to make it more sturdy and durable. 

I do hope she likes the fabrics and the bright and cheery colours I've used. Hopefully they will brighten up her washing days.

And this pretty purple pouch is for another daughter of a lady from church. Her only instructions were to use the colour purple so I do hope she likes this mix of purple fabrics I have used . The fabrics are an assortment of batiks, florals with one or two vintage fabrics thrown in for good measure.
Now that these two bags are finished I am free to sew some things for my shop and I have no idea what yet which will not doubt mean I will have to have a play with some fabrics until inspiration strikes. Nice to have a clean slate but somehow daunting as well :-) 


Katy Cameron said...

Peg bag with a phone pocket, now I've heard it all! Glad you're dad's getting better though

XUE said...

hiya Catherine, love all your colourful creations here as usual ! I am thinking of you & your family. X.

Karen said...

So glad to hear your dad is on the mend. You are lucky to be close enough to help out.I live 5 hours away from my parents. I love your finishes. The peg bag is so cute. I love the side with the ric-rac on it. I use this smallish square bucket with a handle that I love but unfortunately its deteriorating after 10 years. You wouldn't belive how hard it is to find a replacement bucket. The search continues. Enjoy playing with your fabrics and I hope inspiration strikes. I agree that having no sewing projects is just as daunting as having too many UFOs. Have a wonderful day friend.

Nic said...

Glad to hear your dad is getting better.
Lovely bags. I like the fabric on the inside of the first.

Pink Bicycle Girl said...

These are gorgeous! Love them

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