Thursday, February 13, 2014

Pushing through my colour boundaries....

 I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I have my favourite colours that I'm always drawn to when I make, buy or choose something. For anyone who knows me it is fairly obvious that I like all things blue and green, actually I lean towards the blues more but green is often in there too. So when it comes to making things to sell in my Etsy shop I have to really push myself out of my blue and green comfort zone and remind myself that not everyone is a fan of all things blue and green. 
 So this past week I intentionally chose fabrics out of my colour safe zone to make up these nice, bright and happy writing folders/compendiums. Yes I know there is a green one in there :-) but not much blue at all.
 The green one is actually green and brown with a little splash of red and okay just a minor hint of pale blue.
 And here's the inside with lots of pockets for pads and sketch books and pens with not a hint of blue :-)
 Each one has a handmade button like this one on the yellow writing folder/compendium.
 Each compendium is made up of scraps of coordinating fabrics that I then embellish with a variety of machine embroidery stitches in a variegated colour thread.
 For me the fun part of making these compendiums is adding the little details like the different stitches, the pretty ribbon down the centre of the inside and the handmade buttons. All these things do take time but I think that is the beauty of buying handmade items on places like Etsy and Felt. Each item is made with love, care and attention for those all important details that make it unique.
Each of these compendiums can be found here for purchase on my Etsy shop. And if there is a colour I have not made I am happy to make a custom item just for you ;-)


Julie said...

These are lovely Catherine. Colours that I have struggled to use are yellow and orange, however after doing a few Flickr swaps, I am gradually broadening my colour horizons.

Karen said...

Your writing folders are just lovely. Sometimes its hard to fight the pull of certain colours isn't it? I can never pass up a good aqua or green. Adding the embroidery is a wonderful touch and adds great texture.

France Nadeau ❅ inspiration imagination creation said...

I really like the color combinations you've chosen. Even more the stitching you did on the outside. I find it refreshing to work from time to time with new colors. And those I see in this post remind me of spring.

Polka Dot Daze said...

They are gorgeous!

Lyric said...

Sew very cute. Especially love the button. Not realizing this was your business I scurried in here to see if there was a button tutorial!



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