Monday, September 14, 2009

Quilt Eye Candy

On Friday my Mother and I went to the Hamilton Quilt and Craft Fair. We look forward to this annual event every year! There are lots of exhibitors showing the latest in crafting tools, techniques and of course supplies so for someone like myself it is a feast for the eyes. There are free mini workshops and craft circles plus there are displays from the local embroidery, cake icing, weaving/fibre artists, and quilting guilds. There was a beautiful display of quilts from Quilts Aotearoa 2009 hosted by the National Quilting Association of New Zealand which I've often thought of belonging to but for some reason never seem to join. This is a link to their website. I'm not sure why I haven't joined before. I used to belong to the local Quilting group but stopped going when my husband and I opened up a cafe at the same time as I fell pregnant with our eldest daughter 'Amelia'. As you can imagine things got a little busy in our house and I haven't been back since. Also most of the ladies that belonged to this group were all retired with a lot more time on their hands than I have but they did have a wealth of quilting knowledge and experience to share.

Anyhow let's get on with showing you some of the quilts that took my eye. I'm not sure what the etiquette is with regards to taking photos at these shows but there were no signs saying not to take photos and there were others taking photos so I took my cue from them.

I liked this quilt because of the beautiful rich fabrics used. The centre squares were made up of various 'oriental looking fabrics' and the 'leaves' and border from richly coloured batik fabrics. It reminded me of a quilt that is on my 'to do' list from a book called " More Quilts from "The Quiltmakers Gift".

I admired this quilts beautiful and intricate detailed machine quilting and embroidery. It must have taken hours or maybe weeks but was simply stunning.

The kaleidoscope quilt below caught my eye I think because of the simplicity of colours used. The quilting was simple but effective by enhancing the kaleidoscope effect.

This circle quilt was eye catching with the quilted circles sewn with a variety of machine embroidery stitches and again enhancing the pieced circles

This machine appliqued wall hanging was beautifully machine quilted and embroidered with the 3D flowers being fused with thin batting and hand embroidered and beaded.

There was also an exhibition put on by the "Creative Fibre Association". This rag rug was impressive with it use of very tiny scraps of fabric. Now I know what to do with all those tiny
scraps I have accumulated!

A beautifully crafted felt bowl and balls. Not sure what to call these felt spheres but they definitely caught my eye.

And last but not least this exquisite "felt/fibre sculpture of a lady and tree. I definitely could've bought her home!


Deb said...

Gosh there are some wonderfully talented people around aren't there Catherine. How nice to know they are here in little old NZ too.

Sandy in Buenos Aires said...

Gorgeous quilts!! I love them all and especially the felt bowl with the spheres, they are so cute! Love the colors!
Great pics, Cahterine!

wishes, true and kind said...

Hi, just found your blog after you left a comment on mine. Now I'll have to look for your pics in the quiltalong on Flickr.

Thanks for sharing the photos of the wonderful quilts from the quilt show! I posted some from a show I went to in July and was also unsure about the etiquette. Everyone is taking pictures, so that doesn't seem to be a problem. I wanted to try to acknowledge the maker, but I couldn't keep track of all the quilter's info and quilts (I took a lot of pictures). Anyway, I love it when people post pics from quilt shows, because there are so many great shows all around the world. I'll be going to another one in a week or two....

Felt Sew Good said...

Wow!, those are some gorgeous quilts, wall hangings and felted work. Thanks for sharing your photos.

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