Friday, August 28, 2009

10 years today!

It was Caitlin's 10th birthday today. I can't believe our youngest is into double digits already. She was super excited about this years birthday and has been counting down for a month. Instead of a party we are all going to Auckland Zoo plus one of her friends. Caitlin has always been into animals and even used to let grasshoppers crawl all over her when she was really little. Choosing a friend to take to the zoo was a bit of a dilemma as she has quite a group of close friends . After school today we had an impromptu afternoon tea with 4 girlfriends. I whipped up this cake this morning before work then decorated it this afternoon with a few lollies (actually quite a few lollies). The afternoon tea then stretched into dinner ( homemade pizza) then birthday cake for dessert.

1 comment:

Rafael's Mum said...

Happy Birthday Caitlin! I hope you had lots of fun at the zoo :-)

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