Monday, August 15, 2011

Henny Penny and her six chicks

Henny Penny and six chicks
This is the cute gift I whipped up for my friends baby shower on Sunday although when I say 'whipped up' it actually took me a day to make plus the stuffing and hand sewing at night. As I mentioned before it is from the book 'Handmade Beginnings' by Anna Maria Horner and with her great instructions it was pretty easy and fun to put together.

Henny Penny and six chicks
All the fabrics are scraps from my stash and I had the yellow velcro left over from a previous project a few years ago. French knots and not buttons for eyes as they are too dangerous for young babies even though they would look nice.

Henny Penny and six chicks
I went with reddy/orangey colours as the parents have six hens themselves in similar colourings. I hope it gets lots of playtime from its soon to arrive owner.


Deb said...

Hmm I don't think whippped up is the word!! haha that must have taken ages, but it's awesome.

Michele Pacey said...

So CUTE Catherine. The wings hide the chicks? That is just awesome! The little one will treasure this I'm sure!

Leslie said...

This is so perfect...especially if they have their own chickens. It is so adorable.

Karen said...

Fabulous Catherine! The little chicks are so cute tucked up under the mother's wings.

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