Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pearl threads...

Anna Maria Horner perle cottons
I ordered these beautiful collections of Pearl cottons by Anna Maria Horner what seems like a long time ago now but just received them yesterday. To save on postage I sent them to some friends in the US and my husband bought them home in a car that was being shipped back to NZ. The car arrived about 3 weeks ago but they were then locked in the boot of the car which was and still is in Auckland getting work done on it but this week my husband kindly got them out for me and bought them home!

Anna Maria Horner perle cottons
The colours are divine and are a very welcome addition to my stash as getting the right colours in these cottons is really hard where I live and I very much like the look of these threads with hand quilting. I already have a project in mind to use them on!

Continuous bias binding
Yesterday I made this roll of bias binding for this quilt but was really frustrated to find I was about 40 inches short and could not find anything else suitable in my stash that seemed to look as good as this lovely vibrant red. So I just had to plan a trip today to Waihi where my nearest quilt shop is. 

New additions
As you can see not only did I find some more solid red fabric but some lovely aqua spots and this sweet little daisy stripe. I'm a bit of a sucker for stripes and polka dots so I just couldn't resist these 2. In case you're interested they come from the Riley Blake collection "Sweet Divinity" by "The quilted fish". It really is nice to shop in an actual brick and mortar shop and see fabrics in person rather than online but I wish they weren't so ridiculously expensive here. 
I also bought some other fabric that just might be put aside for a little birthday giveaway I'm planning for a little later in the week as it just happens to be my birthday tomorrow :-)  
Wishing everyone a great weekend!!


Michelle said...

Pretty threads!!!
A Big Happy Birthday for tomorrow... hope you have a super duper day!

Jenny said...

wow, those threads have been on a journey! glad they arrived safely! you do such pretty hand work, they will be fabulous!
happy birhtday catherine! my hubby's bday is the 16th! i plan to make him a mini quilt for the office...ummm, havent started it yet!!

Shasta said...

They are beautiful threads. I'm so sorry you have such difficulty getting supplies for your quilting. I live within walking distance from a quilt shop, and that is dangerous as well. Happy birthday!

Lara said...

I totally hear you! I love petting the fabrics and holding bolts. I had to visit my LQS yesterday too. If only it wasn't so darn expensive! It cost me $17 for 1/2 a metre for binding! Gulp. The backing wasn't too bad... $36 for 2m and it's 2.4m wide. But I definitely couldn't afford to shop there all the time. Ha. Not that I can afford to buy much fabric at the moment anyhow! We've had lots of big bills lately. And it looks like I might need surgery again soon so that will be more $ although at least Southern Cross covers most of it! Love that AMH thread. I was swooning over her new vignette (?) fabrics last night. Happy birthday for this week!!!

Karen said...

Those perle threads are gorgeous. Have you seen the cross stitch fabric she has? Your threads certainly had a unique journey. fantastic idea. You had a whole boot you could have filled up!
Fabric prices are ridiculous here too. Especially frustrating when our dollar is basically 1 for 1. Go figure.

Katy Cameron said...

Oh wow, that was patience more than I might have been able to bear for those threads!

So sorry you had to go shopping, it's such a bummer when that happens... ;o)

Rene' said...

Happy birthday Catherine!!!! Hope you enjoyed your day. Love those perle cottons too.

Leslie said...

looks like that was a good trip to the quilt shop!!! i love the quilting thread you got...and how fun that it took the long way around.

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