Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Some fabric loveliness.

I bought these lovely fabrics in Spotlight on Sunday. They seemed to have really upped their game and now stock some quite simply beautiful and modern fabrics now. I don't have a LQS anywhere near where we live so generally Spotlight is the destination for fabric and sewing/crafting supplies for me.
The top 4 fabrics are by a designer called Emily Bloom and I'm not sure about the bottom 2 but they just whispered "Buy me Catherine" so I had to didn't I.

Yesterday was a very wet and windy day here so I spent most of the day cutting these 5 1/2 " charm squares. I think their are 83!

I also cut some more up into 44" X 1 1/2 strips. There are about 32 of them and yes the palm of my hand is now a little tender from overuse of the rotary cutter. Now if you are wondering what I'm going to do with all these strips and squares I will show you at the end of the week.
Tommorrow I'm looking forward to some uninterrupted sewing time as our girls return to school. They are both a little anxious about going back to school this year. Amelia starts High School and Caitlin moves up to the senior class at her school. For me the best thing about the start of a new school year was getting all the new stationery. I still love going into stationery shops and for people like me this company has recently opened a chain of shops in NZ.

Now on a competely different subject, I seem to be having a bit of an ant problem in my kitchen. They are of the tiny brown ant variety and I just get rid of them from one spot and they appear somewhere else. Today there was a trail of them winding their way up to the top shelf of my pantry. I couldn't find what they were after but I now have a nice clean pantry although I would have rather been sewing. Any hints and tips would be most welcome!


Leslie said...

when i have ants if i can find where they are coming in i use a combination of cinnamon and black pepper and make a ring around where they come in and they don't cross it, and after a few days(or more) it clears things up....that is what my mother told me to do. unless your NZ ants are more hardy than US ones. as for all that lovely fabric. i hear the voice of the fabric calling me often. i just did a post last night on some new stuff that i just had to have. i look forward to what you are making with all the pretty squares and strips

Needled Mom said...

Beautiful fabrics and I can imagine how sore your palm must be after all the cutting.

Ants....grrrr! They seem to come in here for water in the summer and to get away from flooding after heavy rains in the winter. I put either baking soda or baby powder down and that seems to take care of the problem.

Lara said...

Lovely!! I couldn't believe my eyes whenI saw Michael Miller at our Spotlight!!!

High School?! Amazing!!! Hope the first week is going well!!

Susan said...

Oh, when fabric starts talking to you, you HAVE to bring it home with you or else it'll say bad things about you to the next person who comes in to admire it. So, see? You did the right thing, Catherine. 'Cause fabric can get mean when rejected!

I can't wait to see what all you're making..... those 11" strips are curious.... :)

Fresh Poppy Sisters said...

Can't wait to see what you create!

Deb said...

Wow I'll have to RUN down to Spotlight... that's amazing. About the ants, my friend finds one of those automatic dispensers work for her. Do you know what I mean??

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