Friday, March 12, 2010

Crazy, Busy!

Just want to apologise now if you not into cars but this post has no sewing items in it. I'm not really big on cars either but I can appreciate a nice classic car when I see one. Being married to a car crazy guy I can't avoid them. I know I may have mentioned this before but my husband is on the team of an annual festival here in Whangamata called 'The Beach Hop'. This festival is all about celebrating the 50's and 60's and involves lots of beautiful classic cars, hot rods, cool rockabilly music, dancing and of course people dressed up in the fashion of that era. (And if you not into any of that it's great to just 'people watch'!) It attracts over 100,000 people to our small town and takes a lot of my husbands time to help organise it. We are 2 weeks away from this years festival so things are getting a little busy around here and next week it will be crazy busy and that means not a lot of quality sewing time.

This year it the 10th anniversary and instead of one vehicle being given away there will be 3! This classic surf wagon is one of them. It's just been given a new paint job so looks all shiny and new again. Check out what it used to look like here.
 Don't you love the names they gave cars back when this was made! Also being given away is a Model A Roadster hotrod and if you don't want a car you can win a Harley. They are all matching with the same colour paint. You can learn more about this festival over here.
I promise my next post will be full of lots of sewing goodness!!!


Monika said...

Well, my husband is a car fanatic and we both love cars from the 50's, 60's and now early 70's.
His beloved is a Chev Impala and we have recently purchased two old Holdens.

Love your photos of the surf wagon. If we lived over there, we would definately be going to the festival.

I love my quilting and I also have an appreciation for beautiful cars too!!

Rafael's Mum said...

Just checked it all out! LOVE the Buick in its new coat of paint! Out of the three I would be hoping for that one and keep it too!

Good luck with all the busy-ness and organising in the next few weeks. I wish I could come! Quite fancy whipping up a Grease style Sandy skirt for the occasion... pop socks, gymshoes... I can just see it! :-)

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