Friday, December 31, 2010

A couple of favourite presents...

"The Quilters Stitch Bible" is a gem of a little book that I received from my parents this year for Christmas. It is full of numerous hand and machine decorative stitch's for embellishing quilts and I'm sure lots of other sewn items as well. It contains over 200 stitch's along with step by step instructions of each stitch. It's the perfect book for those of you who want to extend your repertoire of stitch's and add further dimension to your work. Can't wait to try some of them out!

My other favourite gift was a camera that my DH bought back from the States last month. Previously I've had to share my camera with my husband who takes it with him when he goes away overseas which means I then have to share my daughters camera so I really wanted one of my very own. I went with a Canon Powershot SX210IS which has lots of really cool features like a "Miniature lens" that blurs the top and bottom of the photo giving the effect of a miniature scene. I used this for the above photo which is a view over part of Whangamata and out to sea taken from our kitchen window.

And this is the same scene taken a couple of hours later with the "fish eye" lens. Cool eh! The girls and I had fun with this lens the other day and took some photos of each other which were hilarious but way too ugly to show here!

This weekend I will be :
  • doing some training runs with Amelia who is participating in a triathlon on Monday.
  • taking down our Christmas decorations.
  • going to the gypsy fair.
  • grocery shopping for our camping trip next week.
  • packing for the aforementioned camping trip.
  • swimming at the beach.
  • mowing the lawns.
  • playing with my new camera/toy.
  • Enjoying the summer sunshine that is forecast.
I think that should keep me busy! How about you, what do you have planned for the first weekend of 2011?

Happy New Year !!!


Lis said...

Great list Catherine, have fun! Happy New Year xx

bearpaw said...

Happy New Year Catherine! I look forward to seeing all the great photos you will take with your new camera in 2011!

Leslie said...

i love this camera trick! we also are going to take down christmas this weekend and get ready to start the new year fresh

Deb said...

Oh I just bought the same camera a month ago. Isn't it a fabulous little camera. I am very pleased with it and am still figuring out all the extra stuff on it.

Happy New Year!

Rafael's Mum said...

Some great presents! That camera sounds really good fun and the book looks very useful too. Beautiful shots of your view. Especially the first one. Love it!!

Diane said...

Busy weekend, enjoy! BTW, that fish eye lense picture is very effective... it makes me dizzy!

XUE said...

Happy, Happy New Year, Catherine! I have missed a number of your posts because of the move so I'm catching up now.
Love all your fab Christmas gifts! I would want that book too. And I always love these Miniature scenes effect! You will enjoy the movie Gulliver's Travels (with Jack Black) as they use this in the scenes too. Warm greetings from Dubai !

Karen said...

You were lucky weren't you! What a fab lens you got. Can't wait to see how it goes when you take a picture of a craft project.

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