Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Handmade Christmas decoration No.2

Today's Christmas decoration is another very easy and inexpensive one for the tree.
I used 4 circles the same size as yesterdays decorations, folded each one in half then glued them together (wrong sides facing) alternating the 2 colours. Add a hanging loop to the top then attach a length of embroidery floss the the other end. Thread on some beads, then another smaller paper globe and finish with a few more beads. Easy peasy!
To keep the beads from slipping down just backstitch through the last bead. These look great hanging on the bottom branches of my tree, I just hope our cats don't mistake them for new toys!


XUE said...

How fun these are as well !

Diane said...

Super cute! I love the papers you used for this.

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