Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A handmade Christmas - the button wreath

Here's another quick and simple decoration idea and inexpensive too if you are like me and collect buttons old and new.
All you need is some wire strong enough to take the weight of the buttons but bendable so you can make a nice round shape, a selection of buttons of varying sizes, ribbon , and a few bells for a nice Christmasy jingle.
  1. Simply cut your wire to desired length (which will depend on how big you want your wreath and how many buttons you have)
  2. Thread on your buttons then twist wire ends together to secure.
  3. Add a ribbon loop for hanging and tie ends in a bow.
  4. Thread bells onto ribbon and tie with a bow onto wreath letting them hang in the middle.
That's it! A simple button wreath. If you feel inspired to make one I'd love to know.


Michele Pacey said...

So cute Catherine! Unfortunately my button stash is too little to do this with. But I love your wreath! And it's a perfect kid craft too!

Lis said...

I love this and am off to make one. It's so effective and can even be taken apart easily after Christmas to use the buttons for other projects, thanks for the inspiration.

Katie said...

love love LOVE this :-) So cute.
I seem to have an inability to use up my button stash though...I like to just look at them in the jar!

Catherine said...

Thanks Katie! Yes I too find it hard to use up some buttons in my stash and have to remind myself that they are there to be used and not just admired occasionally.

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