Monday, May 16, 2011

Fit for a princess!

This post has been a long time coming but finally I can share some photos of  my daughter Amelia's newly decorated room. Her old room was upstairs on the top floor of our house but we decided to redecorate what  used to be our spare room and move her in there which pleased her greatly. We painted the window frames white and Amelia chose the turquoise blue wallpaper, the charcoal curtains. and the new light fittings herself. I'm really pleased with how this room turned out. It is nice and bright and perfectly stylish for a nearly 14 year old girl and she now has way more storage space than she used to.  

 She has a wardrobe with shelving which she never had in her old room and a door to slam shut if she feels the need :) In her old room she just had curtains across the entrance.

The dressing table used to be mine when I was her age and hanging next to it is the wall hanging I made her to match this quilt.

A garland of hearts made in a crazy patchwork style with scraps from the frock quilt.

She now has room and a place to display all those essential girl things.

Her cushions I made her here and here are now nicely displayed on her bed.

Above her bed is a new light fitting and her dream catcher plus you can see the pretty swirls at the ends of the new curtain rails which match the swirls in the curtains.

The wreath I made her here also hangs above her bed.

Some favourite things on her bedside table.

Her new desk with a pink Swiss ball as her chair and the memo board I made for her last Christmas. The turquoise blue in the Heather Bailey fabric used on the memo board was the inspiration for the bedrooms wall colour.
And finally this little bird house and bird has been hers since she was about 2 and now hangs above her desk. Moving into her new room also meant being able to have a good clean out and deciding what she did and didn't want to keep. A lot of stuff was thrown out or passed onto her sister but I'm so glad she wanted to keep this birdhouse which was the starting point to decorating her first room with a garden theme.
I hope you enjoyed seeing Amelia's newly decorated room. I'm still working away on my Bliss quilt top but hoping to finish it within the next 2 days!
Happy Monday!


Needled Mom said...

It does look so nice and bright for her. I know she will love it and it is perfect for a teenager.

Renee said...

What a beautiful room! I simply adore her choice of colours.

Anonymous said...

wow! i love the blue,,,and the windows. looks like a cottage in the woods. lucky ! xo

Michele Pacey said...

Looks great Catherine! So fresh-looking and neat and tidy too. You must both be so pleased. I have a boy's room to re-do very very soon. Thanks for the little nudge! :)

Lara said...

Wow Catherine! You've been so busy! It looks fabulous!

XUE said...

Wow! A pretty room well worth waiting for! All those love that goes into this "making of"!!! So lucky that Amelia has taste & also such a creative mother!

Lis said...

That is such a pretty room and I am particularly envious of all those windows!

Karen said...

The room looks like a perfect girls room. I love all that colour. You have both done a great job.

Rafael's Mum said...

I bet she is tickled pink! What a lovely room and great to have it all finished to isn't it? It's great to have all these personal touches everywhere. A real grown up room!

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