Saturday, November 3, 2012

Enjoying the process.....

Oops didn't mean to have yet another mini break in posting here but I have been busy in my sewing attic creating accessories to go with the 'Boho bag' I created a couple of weeks ago. Making that bag seemed to really reignite the creative processes in my head and also reignite my love of batik fabrics. These fabrics are so colourful and vibrant that you can't not feel happy working with them.

Little zippered pouches/wristlets Each one is embellished with some coordinating ribbon which I have been collecting (hoarding perhaps) for a while now, waiting for that perfect project, as you do :-) Little zippered pouches/wristlets Inside each one is a little pocket for cards or perhaps a make-up mirror.

 For the lining in the purple/turquoise one and the blue/white one I used some African "Shwe shwe" fabric which I also used inside the 'Boho bag'

Little zippered pouches/wristlets
I tied some ribbon to the zipper pull to make it easier to close and the bottoms are 'boxed' so the sit on there own. Little zippered pouches/wristlets

Plus each one has a wrist strap making it easier to carry if using on its own.

Little zippered pouches/wristlets
I cannot decide which one I like more. They are such a cute size too at 6" across the widest part and just 5" tall. What do you think??
 You can find them for purchase here in my Etsy shop and also in my Felt shop  :-)


Second Chance Tan said...

I love love love these - and all your attention to detail is wonderful.... loving your labels too xx

Rafael's Mum said...

They are all lovely! wouldn't be able to choose either!! Love that all your batik creations go together.

Barbara said...

Wow, your little bags/purses look great and are made with love. The perfect joyful colours for rainy and cold autumn days which we actually have.
Greetings from the "other part of the world",

Sue said...

I love them! So cute but so useful too!

XUE said...

Lovely, lovely pouches, Catherine! I have those same ribbons too but I bought them in Tokyo - funny coincidence!

Anonymous said...

I love oaal the colors and these little bags look so handy!

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