Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another pillow top

Finished this log cabin cushion top a week and half ago. It is destined for my Mothers lounge along with these ones. Now I have to quilt them and make them up into cushions. I have been waiting on a trip to the big city to get some fabric for the backs as we don't have a fabric store in our little town, just a small sewing/craft/knitting shop that's good but doesn't hold a huge fabric selection. So today we ventured over the hills to Auckland (2 hours by car), or we tried to but got turned back at the top (about 35 minutes into the journey) . We had yet another heavy frost here this morning which had left a lot of ice on the roads making it too dangerous to drive on plus a logging truck had skidded and over turned . So we had to go all the way back home and out of town the other way (the long way) all of which made for a long day. Hopefully I'll have some some sewing time soon.

1 comment:

Sandy in Buenos Aires said...

Hi Catherine!
Gorgeous soon-to-be cushions! I'm sure your mother will be very proud to display them in her lounge!

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