Thursday, June 18, 2009

A house or a home?

When I made these floor cushions this is not quite what I had envisioned BUT this is what makes a house a home isn't it. I am pleased they are being used though. My daughter Caitlin has been playing with these "Angelina dolls" and clothes all week. When I saw them all laid out on my cushions with her cat "Shimmer" smack bang in the middle of them I just had to take a photo. I have not been doing much sewing this week, in fact "zilch" would be a better word but I have now got a clean oven, stove, fridge and cupboard doors plus 3 1/2 bottles of apple preserved so still a productive week I guess. Now I can sew with a clear conscience. You know the saying "Tidy house tidy mind" ( I think?).

1 comment:

Veronica said...

I love your blog I like many your pincushion and this ancient sewing machine is brilliant. I invite you to my blog there you were finding a few ancient machines of sewing that they were of toy for girls but were sewing indeed a fondness. Vero

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