Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Two Sidewalk Satchel's

For the past couple of weeks I have been teaching my youngest daughter Caitlin and her friend Tayarni the basics of sewing. I thought the best way to keep their enthusiasm going was to choose something to sew that they really wanted and would get a lot of  use out of so a bag was agreed upon. Last year I bought Anna Marie Horner's pattern for her "Sidewalk Satchel" but had never gotten around to making it for myself. I had shown the girls a few patterns which they thought were 'okay' but it was a definite 'yes' when they saw this pattern.  
Tayarni (left) and Caitlin(right)
We did a quick little photo shoot yesterday after school and as you can see from the above photos they were trying really hard not to laugh but....... not succeeding. They enjoyed every step of making this bag right from choosing the fabrics from my stash to cutting out and ironing on the interfacing and finally putting all the 'pieces'  together to create the actual bag. Tayarni's bag is the gathered version made from some lightweight denim and a selection of some pretty blue floral scraps for the lining, pockets, flap closure and also the outer side piece. 
Inside are two pockets, one large and one small plus a little label  saying "Made by.....

Included in the pattern is a sculpted rolled flower to decorate the tab which has a magnetic snap closure.

Caitlin chose a selection of purples for her bag. The lighter floral piece used for the bottom/side is one I have had for a few years and was given to me from one of Caitlin's great Aunts. I always like it when I can incorporate some fabrics like this that have a special meaning or a little history to them, into an item I am making.

For the outer fabric Caitlin chose a floral needle corduroy that was leftover from a dress I had made her when she was much younger, and her flower is made from a leftover piece from my bridesmaid dresses:)

I think the girls did really well putting these bags together and certainly have gained some sewing confidence to do more sewing.  Did I mention they are just 11 years old ! 


Karen said...

Excellent work Catherine! What is their next project? Its great seeing young kids doing a bit of sewing. You must feel proud.

Little Blue Mouse said...

Wow, what a fantastic job they've done. The bags look great.

Michele Pacey said...

Agreed! These are fabulous bags Catherine. Amazing that they are only 11 and creating such pretty and useful things! Great stuff!

sewtakeahike said...

wow Catherine! Their bags turned out awesome. You must be a great teacher!

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