Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cute fridge magnets

Managed to squeeze in some creativity today between housework, kids and cycling. Well actually the cycling didn't happen. I got all changed into my cycling clothes, got my bike out and HELLO not one but TWO flat tyres. Never mind, got to be creative instead. Have been wanting to make these little fridge magnets for a while now but couldn't find the clear resin pebbles until the other day when my daughter spotted them in a $2 store. Thank you Caitlin! They don't take long to make and take only a snippet of fabric plus they are a great activity to do with the kids. You can find the tutorial here. I'm going to make the push-pins next.


Deb said...

That's so awesome... I want to try it.

Sandy in Buenos Aires said...

Hi Catherine!!
Such a clever idea!! Yours are Amazing, soooo cute!
Thank you for the link, I'll try them this weekend!

Pokey said...

I love the idea! I'll consider this for my classroom board.

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