Sunday, July 5, 2009

More from Amelia

Because I haven't anything to show you yet of my sewing, I thought I would show another one of Amelia's sewing efforts. She made this little dolls quilt and pillow for her little sister Caitlin for her birthday. It took a few sewing sessions but we got it finished in time. She used the quilt as you go method with just a simple diagonal cross on each square then joined them up. She was proud of her efforts and Caitlin loved it.
Now back to my sewing. I have been doing some, working on my Mothers cushions still. They are now all quilted and ready to be made into cushions. The backing fabric is all cut out and ready to be sewn together. This week is looking promising with school holidays now on. My girls are generally pretty good at entertaining themselves while I sew so fingers crossed I will be able to show you the finished product soon.

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Anonymous said...

That is so great your oldest has started to sew! As you know I have a little boy, but I hope one day I have a daughter to share in the excitement of creating. I'm really enjoying looking at your flikr pics and catching up on your blog. I hope you'll keep in touch!

I featured your giveaway on my new blog. I hope I am able to keep it up! Would you mind if I send any questions about sewing your way? I am pretty much self-taught so form time to time questions arise.

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