Wednesday, July 15, 2009

We've been creating!

Caitlin has a birthday sleepover coming up so we made her friend a bookmark and some lavender filled eye covers. She had a great time experimenting with my machine's many decorative stitch's on the bookmark. I've got to say our girls have been getting along much better these holidays and have been entertaining themselves and being creative. Yesterday and today they kept themselves busy with the paper fashions book from Klutz making pictures and birthday cards for their friends.

I started making another quilt in the weekend. I think this one will be for Amelia because the print on the left with the dress's on it speaks of Amelia to me. I have had this print for a couple of years and was not quite sure how to use it, but I think it deserves to be put in a quilt.

My husband was away Saturday night so I let the girls stay up late-ish to keep me company and watch the movie Garfield 2 (Hilarious) and I cut my fabric up and sketched a quilt layout.

This is all an experiment but I think it will work out. The feature fabric with the little dress's isn't the best quality so I bonded it to some white cotton with steam-a-seam to give it more body, then I sewed all around the edge with a blanket stitch to give it a bit of a "naive look". Please feel free to comment and tell me what you think.

While looking around blog land yesterday I found a great giveaway at "Tea Rose Home"
If you've never been to her blog go there now, she is one talented designer to watch. Her giveaway is a kit of her latest stitchery pattern due to be released soon. I have also been busy looking at the parade of first quilts and of course finding some great blogs at the same time. You can find the grand list here at Simplify or here at La Vie en rosie.


Rafael's Mum said...

I love the idea of showcasing fabrics with a cute picture in the middle of a block! In fact, I am collecting cuties for just that purpose as we speak! I think the frocks look wonderful and it is going to be one special quilt! The best ones are the ones that you create as you go along!

Sandy in Buenos Aires said...

Gorgeous blocks! Amelia is one lucky girl!

Anonymous said...

I like the bookmark and eye cover - very unique idea for a sleepover!

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