Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Farmers wife - weeks 2 & 3

Blocks 6 - 15 
So after promising myself that I would make 5 blocks per week I fell off the wagon at week 2 but have since been beavering away to complete 10 blocks to make up for it. I actually completed an extra one so am ahead now for next week. I'm not sure what happened on week 2 but other things seemed to get in the way of any sewing that week. It is quite a task to print out the templates, mount them on cardboard, cut them out, then decide on fabric choices, cut out fabric and sew. I wish I wasn't so indecisive when it comes to fabric choices for each block but I do tend to weigh each choice up rather than just going with my gut instinct. I'm working on that personality flaw :-)

Block 6 Big Dipper
Block 6 - Big Dipper - easy fabric choice here and easy to piece too.

Block 7 Birds in the air 
Hmmmm this is block 7 - Birds in the air - like this block design and my fabric choices but it did not go together well at all and am sort of  embarrassed to even put it up on my blog but I'm endeavouring to keep it real here by showing it. The problem I think is my seam allowance which was less than 1/4 inch by a smidgen and of course that made all the difference when piecing those tiny triangles. I think I will have to start again with fresh fabric pieces.

Block 8 Bouquet 
Block 8 - Bouquet - Love this block and it went together beautifully after adjusting my seam allowance.

Block 9 Box 
Block 9 - Box - Not sure about this block design, like it, but don't love it....

Block 10 Bowtie 
Block 10 - Bowtie - Easy block to put together and really like this one.

Block 11 Broken Dishes 
Block 11 - Broken dishes -  Once again went together well despite all those triangles. Thank goodness I had my seam allowance sorted.

Block 12 Broken sugar bowl 
Block 12 - Broken Sugar bowl - love the striped print in this block.
Block 13 Buckwheat 
Block 13 - Buckwheat - Really love how this block turned out.
Block 14 Butterfly at the crossroads 
Block 14 - Butterfly at the crossroads - Isn't this a great name for a block!

Block 15 Buzzards Roost
And finally Block 15 - Buzzard's Roost - Just love the shade of green in this print, actually really love that print.
So that's what I've been working on these past few days, a farmers wife marathon of sorts :-) Like most of the North Island we have been having lots of  rain this week and more to come I think which is good as it makes me want to sew. Today I have managed to fit in a run between showers and once this post is done I will be cutting out this weeks Farmers wife blocks and some fabrics I've pulled to go with those beautiful tea-towels I posted about here
How's you week coming along??


Ariane said...

Your blocks are gorgeous!! Love them!!

Kathy said...

Thanks for keeping it real with your 'not-so-perfect' block :) Particularly as you then went on to problem-solve.....what a great learning experience for you and all of us! Your blocks do look gorgeous and will make such a colorful quilt when you're finished.
Cheers, Kathy

Ruffles said...

You are doing much better than me with your blocks... I need to get back to making this quilt... lovely colours you've chosen

Second Chance Tan said...

Wow those blocks look ever so fiddly to make. I love the butterfly at the crossroads one, and agree it's a fab name. x

Nic said...

Great blocks. And reminds me I really need to get back to mine.

And you think you spend too long choosing fabric. I have at most 10 fabrics I'm using for the blocks and I still take ages deciding.

Katy Cameron said...

Great job, sorry about block 7 though, bummer! Have you tried starch?

Karen said...

They are coming along beautifully! I hope its stopped raining. We are actually having a fine weekend. Unbelievable!!! No soccer for the boy though as the fields are still way too wet.

Michele Pacey said...

it's amazing how much work goes into each little block. they're coming along so well. I just love looking at all the different fabrics you're using. I think my fave is the big dipper in this batch!

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