Monday, March 19, 2012

A surprise parcel !!!!

About 2 years ago or maybe a bit less I came across a blog called "Xue's Originals". I think actually Xue found me as she left a comment on my blog on a giveaway post and then I checked out her blog as you do. I'm pretty sure that's how our friendship started and we have been corresponding ever since. Xue, also known as 'Lily' lived in Tokyo at the time with her husband and 2 children but has since moved to Dubai. We have very much in common, and I think she is a very talented but modest artist. Last Friday I received the most amazing surprise package from her filled with all sorts of crafty goodness.
Surprise parcel of goodies 
The package was so full it had actually ripped slightly at the top but luckily everything remained intact. It was like a mini Christmas and I was quite overwhelmed with her generosity and could just imagine the fun she and her daughter had had, putting this all together just for us. To my girls delight they included stickers, window decals, pencils and fans to paint, especially for them. I left it all on our dining table and for the rest of the day kept admiring everything and smiling to myself when I thought of everything I had received.  

Surprise parcel of goodies 
This is the front of the package, beautifully decorated with her own handmade stamps along with stickers and tape.

Surprise parcel of goodies
Included in the package was this beautiful bag designed and made especially for me with a selection of pretty Japanese fabrics, machine embroidered with a variety of stitches and embellished with tags, buttons and charms. If you look at the charms above the tag can you see that it actually says "I love Sewing"!

Surprise parcel of goodies
The other side of the bag with more pretty fabrics and stitches, pretty little buttons and a tag that says "Sewing is my cuddly time".

Surprise parcel of goodies 
I just love this little handmade owl, it is only about 2 inches high and now keeps me company in my 'sewing attic' although I might have to share it with Caitlin ;-) Here it is sitting on a bag full of the prettiest handmade covered buttons. They will be put aside to adorn something pretty or I might be talked into making a hair tie or two for the girls.

Surprise parcel of goodies
And last but not least is some of the fabrics she included. All are from her stash which she bought with her from Tokyo to Dubai. I love them all but am very grateful that she generously shared some of her precious Echino prints with me. (The one with the birds :-)) Xue's most recent post is all about her sewing studio in her home in Dubai where she shares photos of her amazing stash of fabrics and sewing machine prettily decorated with cherry blossoms decals.  Xue I can't thank you enough!


Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

What a beautiful surprise and so full of lovely goodies. You are very luck to have such a lovely friend. xx

Michelle said...

What a wonderful surprise... enjoy your goodies!

XUE said...

Thank you Catherine, for your kind words. I cannot remember how long our friendship is either but I do remember that giveaway - I remember anything to do with fabrics :)
Good that you & yr girls are having fun with these. We did enjoy putting it together for you since you love sewing so much, as do we. Have a good evening over there!

Katy Cameron said...

Wow, what a fab package! Enjoy :o)

Karen said...

You are a lucky duck! That is a wonderful gift that will warm your creative heart for a very long time.

LaurieStar said...

I saw this bag on your blog and had to read the post - I know Xue too, although we haven't talked in a while. She is the sweetest. I love what she sent you! :)

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