Friday, March 2, 2012

Something pleasant to come back to....

When I arrived home from camp I had a lovely parcel from Heather Bailey's shop waiting for me which softened the prospect of the 3 loads of washing that was also awaiting my attention not to mention that the housework fairy hadn't been around while I was away. 
Anyway a week or so beforehand I had ordered some laminated cotton to make a new swim bag for Catilin to take to school. I let her choose the fabric design and then thought I should make the most of the postage cost and order some more Nicey Jane prints to add to my collection that will be put to good use in my Farmers Wife sampler quilt.

So earlier this week I whipped up Caitlin's new swim bag fairly quickly except I got stuck a little with the buttonholes for the drawstring to go through. I've done heaps of buttonholes before of course but not since I've had my new machine. I read and re-read the instructions and was still stumped until I finally figured out the 'buttonhole lever' that they were referring to was on the machine not the buttonhole foot! Duh!

 I lined the bag with some pale blue toweling that I had leftover from a previous project, to soak up the moisture from a wet towel and swimsuit and to make it a bit more sturdier. The recipient is pleased with it but I don't think she will get much more use out of it until next summer as it certainly feels like autumn has arrived this week.
And I have also finally gotten around to printing out some templates for the first 10 blocks of the Farmers wife sampler quilt. I am feeling quite eager to start this quilt and use some of those pretty Nicey Jane fabrics. This Saturday promises to be wet, windy and wild so the perfect day for hunkering down in my Sewing Attic and working on these blocks. I love a good storm, don't you? :-)
For my inspiration mosaic this week I've put together a few of my favorite FWS blocks from the flickr group here.
Farmers Wife Sampler inspiration


Diane said...

What a great bag! I just scroled through your pictures and description of your camp... sounds like a lot of fun!

Katy Cameron said...

Nice welcome home parcel :o)

Do you have a Brother per chance? I'm forever forgetting that pesky lever!

Needled Mom said...

I love the bag!!!! Great idea.

The FW blocks are really amazing too.

Deb said...

Yeh, I think summer has well and truly gone. Just as well you didn't have today's weather while you were on camp!

Cool bag.

Karen said...

Yep I love a good storm too. The swim bag is fabulous. I haven't yet sewn with laminate yet. I gather you are getting on with your new machine. The Farmers Wife blocks are lovely. Looking forward to seeing yours.

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