Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Weekend Sewing for the girls......

This past weekend both my girls had sleepovers. Whilst Caitlin stayed overnight at a friends on Saturday, Amelia made the most of some freedom from her younger sister and had a friend over to stay with her. By mid morning Sunday after a breakfast of pancakes they were both lying about claiming they were bored. Oh to be young and have nothing to do....I wish. It was a beautiful day outside and I was going to spend it in the garden but to alleviate their boredom I offered to help them make a bag each that Amelia had a vague pattern for in one of her magazines. 

This is Amelia's version made from some of my beloved batiks. The bag is made from 2 circles of fabric cut from 26 inch squares sewn together right sides facing then turned right sides out. We made a casing around the top, a button hole on each side of the outer fabric then threaded some ties through to form a drawstring enclosure. Some wide woven ribbon was attached to form a long shoulder strap.

We chose a brown/green batik print for the lining which provides a nice contrast to the vibrant purpley blues on the outside.

This is her friend Ruby's bag made from some recycled curtains and  scraps she found at home.

A close-up of how we attached the handles.

These bags proved to be a great project for beginner sewers with lots of practice of straight sewing and also the satisfaction of finishing something useful in an afternoon. They both learn sewing at school and enjoy it but get frustrated at having to wait for a sewing machine to use so I think having some one on one sewing time with me was good for their sewing confidence. It's also nice to be able to share a skill that  I know will benefit them later in life as well. It is pleasing to hear that sewing and crafting is having a resurgence and becoming fashionable again.


Michele Pacey said...

Man, those bags are so cute, Catherine! I bet the girls were pleased with themselves, eh? Way to encourage the handmaking and give them guidance at the same time!

You are twittering, I see! How is that going?

A Time for Stitching said...

It would be a shame if they lost interest in sewing because of the slow progress in school. This is a great idea to keep them motivated. The bags are both lovely!
Teresa x

Karen said...

Thats fantastic Catherine! It sounds like a nice afternoon was had by all.

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