Monday, December 12, 2011

Feeling Christmasy

Yes it's starting to feel that Christmas is just around the corner now. I have been madly sewing up some handmade goodness for most of my family. I have 3 gifts left to make and this morning I just added to 2 more gifts to make to the list that is in my head but should really be written down even if to make me feel good when I cross things off as they are done. 
Caitlin and I put our tree up yesterday and it certainly felt like Christmas as we opened up the boxes of decorations and fondly remembered all our favourite ones, from the vintage to the precious handmade ones. I do have plans to make more decorations but that will have to wait to next week when the gift making will hopefully be finished.

After the tree decorating was finished we went for a wee coastal walk in the hope that the New Zealand Christmas tree aka 'the Pohutakawa' was in full bloom but we were still a week or so too early. I did manage to zoom in on this early bloom though to whet your appetite.
How are your preparations going?

Oh and a giveaway is coming soon!


Karen said...

Your Christmas tree is looking good. I love getting out the decorations and re-aquainting my self with them.

Katy Cameron said...

Looking good! We do Christmas at mum and dad's, so the tree decorations are their problem ;o)

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