Saturday, December 31, 2011

Having a break to just be.....

 This past week I have been enjoying some unplanned time away from the computer, spending time with my two girls, playing new games received at Christmas, going on walks, sewing up a storm, eating way too much chocolate and just generally enjoying this past week without any demands on my time. It's been nice to just take a step back and enjoy what comes along each day.

Caitlin and I once again did our favourite coastal walk to take in the beautiful crimson flowers of the Pohutakawa trees which really does mean summer has arrived although as I write this it is pouring down outside for the second day in a row. 
For some reason that I have yet to figure out these trees don't all flower at the same time. It would be nice if they did but I guess it makes their flowering time that much longer which is a good thing too.

Our walk this particular day wasn't the best of experiences as it rained about halfway along, thankfully it was a quick and light shower and we were able to shelter in the bush. Then Caitlin got an allergic reaction to we think some grass seed that she rubbed into her eye which swelled up just a tad along with itchy hives on her legs. To top it off my jandal broke just as we were starting back so I had to walk barefoot the rest of the way. 

A couple of days before Christmas I took some time out from my gift making to make this handmade decoration with Caitlin out of old Christmas cards. This little heart house is a great way to re-use and preserve those lovely cards that are received over this holiday season that always seem too nice and special to just throw away. You can find the very easy tutorial over here on Michele's blog. The only thing I did differently was to stick all the hearts together (cut out from middle of the houses) and string them to the bottom of the house. The beads on the top and bottom are from a bracelet of one of the girls that broke some time ago and I had never quite gotten around to fixing it so I guess they were just waiting for that perfect project or 2 :-)
So if your  in the midst of packing up your Christmas decor save those cards to make this ornament for next year.
Now I did say at the beginning of this post I had been sewing up a storm so now that the gifts have been given and received I shall be back here soon to show what I have been busy creating these past few weeks.
Wishing everyone a safe and happy New Years eve!


Katy Cameron said...

Ahh, looks like a lovely break :o) I had a few days off while down at mum and dads (and cleaning lol) so I'm all relaxed and set to leap back in now

Second Chance Tan said...

That looks like a beautiful place to go for a walk. (Shame about the rain, allergic reaction and barefoot!)

Happy New Year to you - have a lovely evening.


Nic said...

Ah, but walking barefoot in NZ isn't a hardship :)

Beautiful! I've not seen flowering pohutakawas for 20 years. I forgot how beautiful they are. Thanks for sharing your walk so I could see them again, even if not in person.

Glad you had a lovely break. Happy new year.

Bec said...

Lovely, lovely what an amazing landscape how lucky to be able to suck it all in. x

Karen said...

It sounds like you got more than you bargained for on your walk. Lucky there was lots of prettiness to distract you. The flowering trees look beautiful and what a great way to use your old Christmas cards!
Sounds like you have had a lovely break. Very nice.

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