Friday, December 18, 2009

Brown Friday

Well the colour brown has proved pretty easy for me too. Who would've thought as it's not really my favourite colour but I do like things made of different woods.

First up are two antique wooden trays that were hand carved by my Grandmother's brother or maybe her Uncle (I should've really checked with my parents first). The one above is carved in a traditional Maori pattern with inlaid 'paua' shell in the handles. There is a lot of intricate carving all over it and it is quite beautiful.

This tray is also beautifully carved with flower motifs and I love the handles on it. I had wanted a tray for quite some time before I rescued these trays from under my parents house. I use them quite a bit for taking meals to my girls and their friends when they are playing outside or serving them meals when they are sick.

Now I had to include my 'box brownie camera' in this post just because of its name! I have used it and it still takes good black and white photos. I just love the 'face' on it and its lovely brown leather case.

And of course chocolate is brown! Now this was my contribution to the supper we had after the prize giving on Monday night at the girls school. From the left we have some rocky road slice, Christmas truffles and some fudge slice. I'm happy to share the recipes of any of these if you are interested. The Christmas truffles are particularly easy!
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Sarah said...

ooh I LOVE the camera and that camera bag is awesome, beautiful carved trays and those chocolates look so yummy! Happy friday

onlymehere said...

I adore that Brownie camera! My daughter is a professional photographer and would love this for her studio! I remember mom having one too. Love the wood tray too. I'm a cabinetmaker also and I love wood and the beautiful things made out of it! Cindy

kendall.micayla said...

what a cute camera! i love film cameras like that, they are just so beautiful to me.
and your wood trays are gorgeous! what a treasure! happy friday xo

Monika said...

How special are those trays?? They are beautiful!

MMmmmmmmm, truffles. I am making some tonight to take to my friends bor a BBQ. I love truffles.

Happy Brown Friday!

Giddy for Paisley said...

Beautiful brown's...great items.

Cathy said...

Oh I love your browns, that camera is gorgeous too, Oh why didn't I think of chocolate, of course!!! xo

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